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Somewhere In Macedonia

Artist and filmmaker Alice Evans will be screening her new film ‘Somewhere in Macedonia’ on the 17th December 2015 from 5.30pm at the Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The film introduces us to Welsh stretcher-bearer Idris as he receives a letter from home. In the events that follow we see how a man surviving under extreme pressure, confined to the trenches of war and repressed by the laws that forbid his sexuality, reacts to news that is to change the course of his life. Based on an archive of real letters, the film aims to show a side of history that would not have been given voice at the time.

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The film was shot in the basement of a Camden housing co-op where for a week in May the kitchen was transformed into a WWI trench. Thanks to a talented and generous team this film could be realized on a low budget. This film is part of a larger feature project now in development.

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